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Quick on its feet and often moving in packs, the Runner will work together with its allies to wear you down with automated weaponry. Don’t let them get too close or they will knock you off your feet with a powerful charge, making it easier for the others to kill you. These machines are similar to dogs and wolves, in both aspects of aesthetics and pack behavior.


Runners can be a formidable opponent as they are able to engage you at range with their mounted gun but also have a powerful close-range attack, which is able to knock down and disorient opponents whilst dealing a significant amount of damage. The Runners will also when calm, will sometimes bark, which was probably used to lure civilians towards them.

Military and FNIX class Runners also can carry shotguns that are effective at close range. Occasionally, some FNIX Runner groups will have one Runner equipped with a rocket launcher. This Runner usually stays put at medium ranges and will retreat if you get too close.

Weak Points

Runners are among the easiest machines that you'll encounter with exposed weak points.

  • Aiming for their fuel tank on their back will in most cases destroy them in one shot by all Hunting Rifles, Sniper and the .44 Magnus. Other weapons may need two shots before they explode and die. Starting from Military class, higher class Runners will have an armor plate covering up the front of the fuel cell, leaving the fuel cell barely exposed when facing it from the front. Destroying the fuel cell would remove the chance of it dropping a Small Fuel Cell.
  • The head is also one of their more critical weak points. Although higher classes would have more armor.
    Do be aware that when you aim for this weak point, you're also lowering your chance of getting specific loot off the machine, in this case Vision Modules.
  • Runners are terrible against shotguns no matter the variant. Get up nice and close and deliver one or two good blasts to send it to meet its maker. Birdshot and Buckshot seems to work best.


Diary Extract 1 - The Runner

Ran into more of those dog-like robots today. We were scavenging for scraps and leftovers in someone’s old shed when we heard movement outside. Of course my idiot of a friend had to stick his head out to investigate and was immediately detected by one of those things despite it being pitch black outside. One of them must have had some way of seeing in the dark.

We were pinned down, had to make a run for it or risk dying in that shed. Turns out there were more than one of them waiting for us. I swear, I could hear the bullets whizz past my face. Starting to think they move in packs, this is the third time we’ve been forced to flee from several at once.

Also turns out you don’t want to get too close to them. One charged me as I ran past, managed to knock me to the ground. Scraped my arm up real good on the pavement, but thankfully the gang noticed and managed to down it quickly. That didn’t seem to deter the rest though, so we ran as fast as we could. Thinking of calling them Runners.



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