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The strongest of all enemies, the Reaper Tank is the latest addition to FNIX's army. Its look is based on the common Tank, but with heavier armor plating and orange wires. Its abilities include those of previous tank versions combined with its ultimate attack, the Thermobaric Explosion. It also has four shield generators displayed as red glowing bumps on both shoulders and the sides of both knee joints. Spawned like a Rival, its level will always display "??".

Blueprint entry

"According to the digital blueprint, this iteration of the Stridsmaskin 90 seemed to have been completed by FNIX itself, it is likely shortly before the Cataclysm happened, FNIX took over and started overhauling an unfinished top secret prototype project taking place in the secret FOA 2 facility near the Norrmyra base. FOA 2 had come up with the code name for that prototype of a beefed-up Tank: "Liemannen" (Swedish for "the Grim Reaper"). It is unconfirmed that the NBC-type weapons were added as part of FNIX's overhaul, as they are similar to the Apocalypse Class machines.

It uses radiological, biological and chemical weapons just like the Apocalypse Class machines utilize but also comes equipped with special shield emitters that negate all form of damage while active and also utilizes a very powerful, custom crafted thermobaric weapon when posed with a major threat.

The blueprint also indicates that the shield emitters require a lot of energy to use and cannot be maintained while the machine is routing power to its offensive capabilities."

Spawning the Reaper

The Reaper counts as a Rival. Therefore, when trying to get it to spawn, there are a few things to consider:

  • A region must be level 21 or higher in order for the Reaper to spawn.
    • A region can be leveled up by killing machines in it.
    • You can check the region level by opening your map and hovering over the region you want to spawn it in. In the bottom right, a small window with information about current region level and the amount of rivals currently assigned to this region. Note that rivals are able to wander around and will not always physically be in the region they belong to.
    • Killing any rival will decrease the level of the region it is assigned to. In order to level up the region effectively, rivals must be avoided.
    • Good regions to spawn a Reaper in are the Mountains, Farmlands, North Coast and Himfjäll Island (Alpine Unrest DLC required). These are large regions, which makes it easy to avoid existing rivals, while spawning high class machines, which level up the region fast.
  • After hitting level 21 on a region, every rival spawned has a chance to be the Reaper. This chance increases with every further region level, peaking at the current maximum level of 25.
  • The maximum amount of rivals that can spawn is 8 per region. That means if there are already 8 normal rivals in the region, the Reaper will not spawn.
  • There can only be one Reaper per session. After one spawned, it needs to be killed before another can spawn.
  • There is a 1 hour cooldown per region between Reaper spawns.


Loadout: "Cataclysm"

Apocalypse Tick Deployment

  • The Reaper will deploy an army of Apocalypse Class STINGER Ticks. This is a skill it will not use often.

Biochemical gas

  • A cloud of purple gas is released and damages players in a ca. 15m radius over time. This will only be activated if players move too close.

Radiated missiles

  • The Reaper will release a barrage of missiles into the direction of a player that attracted its attention. In addition to the explosion of the missiles in the target area, this attack also contaminates the target area for a while, damaging players over time. The contaminated areas will turn green, so it's fairly easy to stay away from them.

Incendiary machine gun

  • The Reaper Rival's main weapon is a Heavy Machine Gun with an extremely high rate of fire. It targets one player and then shoots a salve in their direction. If any of the shots hit, the player will start to burn and take some damage over time.

Anti-weapons shield

  • A red sparking shield envelops the Reaper most of the time. While this is active, it can not be damaged. The four shield emitters can be destroyed, at which point the shield will not appear anymore.

Thermobaric explosion

  • This is the Reaper's most dangerous weapon. Initially, a loud siren will be sounded. A few seconds after, the Reaper releases a huge cloud of gas. About 10 seconds after producing this gas cloud, if the Reaper's shield is down, it will bring it back up. Following this, it will ignite the released gas and a huge shockwave will kill any player that is not in cover or out of range, which is around 120M away.

FNIX Runner Deployment

  • Right after using the Thermobaric Explosion, the Reaper will deploy an army of high class Runners.

Shockwave Stomp

  • It stomps its foot, damaging players in a small radius around the foot used. It only uses this move if players move too close.

Melee Rush

  • The Reaper runs towards a player, damaging any players in its way with each step. It can perform this move anytime, but is commonly used when both weapons are shot off the Reaper. It will also use this to rush towards a Seeker that has spotted the player and alerted the Reaper about their presence.


The Reaper has 4 shield emitters, one on each knee (outer side) and one on each shoulder. They are most easily visible when its shield is up, making them glow and spark red. These should be taken out first, as destroying all four renders the Reaper unable to use his shield, cutting the time it takes to kill it by a considerable amount.

The HMG and mortar on its underside can also be shot off, preventing it from using hard-to-predict attacks and forcing it to rely on melee and gas attacks. It could be advisable to only shoot off the HMG, as dodging the rocket barrage is pretty easy and the Reaper will start relying on that instead of constantly running towards players, which would make it a harder target.

The head protection (three thick plates which come off at once) can be shot off, but it will take a lot of ammo. After that, the underlying components can be shot for very high damage. The sensor on the top right (player view), usually red when engaged, can be destroyed.

Damaging the hinge at the very top of its head is an easy target if attacked from above, its armor is comparably low. A small quadratic plate just below that top hinge on the back is also a critical hit point.

There is a bolted square above the "knee pads" armor on the front of the Reaper's legs. If the armor is shot off, there is a metal beam in the leg, between the square and the knee joint that is a weak point easily accessible from the front. Usually easier to hit if you are slightly elevated, like in a second story house, church tower, or on a hill.

The Reaper, like the Tank, has a fuel tank on its back as well as a battery pack above the fuel tank. Get behind it, most easily done while a friend is distracting it, and take them out while the shield is down.


It is very advisable that the shield emitters be taken out first. Note that no components can be damaged while the shield is up, so they are best dealt with by waiting for the shield to go down and then shooting them with AP ammunition. The best weapon of choice for this is the Experimental PVG.

After the shield is down, the HMG should be targeted next because it is capable of taking out players in a single burst and has a very high rate of fire. Since the rocket barrages from the mortar are fairly easy to avoid, it's possible to only shoot off the HMG and then stay on the move, as the Reaper will then rely on the easily dodgeable barrage and the easily blocked thermobaric explosion.

Because of the thermobaric explosion, it is most efficient to confront the Reaper near cover. The thermobaric explosion checks that the player's shoulders are exposed. If they are, the explosion will deal damage. If they aren't, the explosion will do nothing. This means that standing sideways against a tree will cover your shoulders and make you take no damage from the explosion. When the Reaper starts blaring its alarm, there is still time to get some damage in. Only when it starts releasing gas should the player run to cover. 3-4 Seconds after it is done emissing gas, the explosion will kill everything that is within range (the range of the explosion is higher than that of the visible gas beforehand). After the explosion, the Reaper will call in several Runners as backup. They can either be dealt with before continuing the fight or by shooting at the tank with an experimental KVM59, which will destroy the Runners with its chain lightning. Either way, they should be destroyed soon, because they can be a real nuisance during the fight.

If the Reaper is low on health (around 15%), it will start one last Thermobaric Explosion attack that will cause it to self destruct. It can be killed before it gets the chance to go through with the attack, which will improve the loot dropped.