Generation Zero does not officially have any modding tools to create user modifications, at the current time to do so you'd have to download a tool called DECA[1] (short for DE Constructor for Apps). Any user mods listed here have to abide by certain rules and are deemed as non-cheat modifications.

These rules are as followed

  • Does not alter the games balance in favor of the player
    Full on balance overhauls for both Player and Machine(s) will be looked at separately
  • Adheres to the Discord community rules

If you want your mod to be listed here, please contact a Editor that is part of the Wiki Team. When doing so, please include a link to your mod as well as all the features. Once its been reviewed you will be notified.


  • Download desired mod
  • Add the parameter
    --vfs-fs dropzone --vfs-archive archives_win64/initial --vfs-archive archives_win64/supplemental --vfs-archive archives_win64/optional --vfs-fs .

    Right click "Generation zero" in your library and select "properties". Click on "Set launch options..." and paste the parameter above into the box and hit "OK".
  • Installing the mod itself
    Place the "dropzone" folder from the downloaded .zip in the root folder of Generation Zero.
    Default path should be something like this:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GenerationZero

Released Mods

This particular section is still under construction. More mods will be added as time goes on and the page layout will change to make it easier for people to find what they desire.


Immersive mod
Author: Taxen0
The goal of this mod is to improve immersion in Generation Zero by removing some parts of the user interface.

Description Now you get to rely on your sight, wits, and the excellent sound design of Avalanche Studio instead of a magic arrow.


  • Hidden stealth / alert indicator
  • Removed hit indicators (Optional)
  • Removed "Entered combat" popup (Optional)
  • Hidden crosshair / static dot crosshair (Optional)

Download: Immersive mod[2]
All the downloads include everything it needs, so if you want to use one of the alternative versions you don't need the main file.

Clear Vision
Author: Taxen0
Improve visual clarity and give the game a new crisp look by removing a few graphical effects, for example depth of field.

Description This mod will improve visual clarity and give the game a new crisp look by removing or reducing some graphical effects, for example depth of field.

Strongly recommended that you also replace the game's default anti aliasing, to remove blurry edges.
AA Settings


  • Removes depth of field
  • Removes film grain
  • Improves visibility during healing
  • Improves visibility when taking damage
  • Removes lens dirt
  • Removes dirt from gasmask

Download: Clear Vision[3]

No more Blur/Bokeh DoF Effect
Author: cip3000
No more Blur\Bokeh Depth of Field Effect.

Description Completely removes any and all blur/Bokeh Depth of Field effects from the users game.


  • Removes Blur
  • Removes Bokeh Depth of Field

Download: No more Blur\Bokeh Depth of Field Effect[4]


Hard Mode
Author: Taxen0
Is the game too easy? Time to activate Hard Mode!

Description The intent of this mod is to make the game more challenging by changing various gameplay elements and mechanics. I aim to add more features in the future and if you have any ideas that you think could fit in this mod feel free to contact me! Even if it might not be possible to implement right now I will add it to the list and try to implement it when possible.
Recommended to be used alongside a mod like Immersive mod to make the game more difficult.


  • Remove Instant kill protection
    In the standard game you always survive a hit regardless of damage if your health is high enough, on top of that you got 2 seconds of invulnerability. This is now removed.
  • Disable Adrenaline usage
    You can no longer use adrenaline when downed and must respawn at a safehouse.

Download: Hard Mode[5]

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