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5662.218, -46.356 Secret cave that must be blown open by explosives. Reveals a staircase that leads to a shrine for “Fredrick Gustav”.

-120.662, 3563.240 Some sort of ritualistic murder site with creepy music.

-2585.214, -432.551 Back To The Future car flies away when interacted with.

The DeLorean found at -2585.214, -432.551, inside a barn

2209, 3186 Dark Souls bonfire with a rifle in it.

-Various locations. Church organs plays different songs when interacted with. 

- 2900.00, 2680.00 Kålleby has a street named Adagatan (Adastreet). "Kålle och Ada" (Kålle and Ada) is a very well known type of joke typically made in the region of Gothenburg, Sweden. Clearly an inside joke for all Swedes playing the game.

-2120.465, 391.355 An inside joke about stairs that blows you up when you get to the top of them.

-Various locations. In locked warehouses you can find a grenade that looks like the Holy Hand Grenade from monty python's "the holy grail". Does extra damage and looks sick.

-1698.493, 3510.564 X Files TV series reference on a tin foil hat with the text "Sanningen finns där ute", meaning "The truth is out there"

-856.396, 1366.517 (and other locations) For those expecting to see poop in toilets or shit buckets, instead there's a Swedish pastry called dammsugare/punschrulle inside.

-2205.830,10.658 Video Game being played on only invincible TV.

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