Our Warning/Banning structure works like this:

  • First offense is a warning.
  • Second offense is a 24 hour mute.
  • Removal and ban from the Discord.

Community Managers and Moderators will use discretion in issuing mutes, warnings and bans to address any behavior that is perceived to be inappropriate for the Generation Zero Community, so please ensure you abide by the rules .

The Server Rules are our community rules, not guidelines!

In our community, players do not:

  • A – Harass or abuse other community members.
  • B – Share racist, sexist, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content.
  • C – Share political and religious content.
  • D – Share links to, or have discussion around pirated or otherwise illegal content.
  • E – Share personal or confidential information about another community member or yourself.
  • F – Spam, self, advertise other communities.
  • G – harass members of the community for game codes or in-game items.
  • H – Post comments to troll and cause unrest.
  • I – Have inappropriate display names or profile pictures.
  • J – Share pictures, videos or discuss content that has been acquired and can't be found in normal game play.
  • K – Post in any other language than English (Just for moderation reasons)
  • L – Please do not ping the Community Manager's, unless your house is on fire, and then you should probably be calling the fire service. Our awesome Mods have all the information needed to help you and if they don't, they are awesome enough to know how to ask us for it.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.