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Crafting is a new major feature that was hinted at in the day zero version of the game. An initial release of the functionality arrived in the March 2020 release.

Crafting requires Schematics and Resources. Schematics allow the player to craft a particular set of attributes for a specific type of apparel that you already obtain. Before the FNIX Rising update (June 2020), you could only get one crown schematics. After the update, you could obtain up to five crown schematics. Around the map, you can find one crown and two crown schematics. To get higher level schematics, you need to kill high level enemies, and rivals seem to drop them the most. With a full set of five crown schematics, you can have up to 20% resistance to a certain type of damage.

Currently, only four pieces of apparel can have schematics applied to: Jackets, Shirts, Pants, and Shoes. The only exception is that Gas Masks have a fixed benefit of 20% gas resistance.

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