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Dear Basse,

I hope you find this. I was out scavenging when I spotted the big maszyna, I mean the big, four-legged ones. All of them carrying crates, but to where? Moving heavy equipment. Possibly supplies? I wonder if they're done hunting us and starting to build forts for the Russians? That would be just our luck. I'm not sure I could stomach pulling the trigger on a real person instead of a robot... Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

If they are getting ready for something, I have to know. One way or another, I know they're up to no good.

Stay safe. Good luck!

-4348.3, 1694.8
Valuable Cargo
Dear Basse,

In case you're reading this, I need to let you know what I found. Share it with the others if I don't come back... I hate being so grim, but it pays to be a pragmatist in these times.

So the big old machines were carting cargo about. The big ones move real slow, so I spent hours just observing them.

Luck dropped on my lap. After a while I realized they stashed some of their valuable cargo here, and if you're careful not to get caught, there's good ammunition inside. The rounds that Karin likes. Grab some extra. Don't weigh yourself down though.

The wiring on them is unlike any I've ever seen. I've always been good at being patient and watching... it came useful for my old job. Now I guess it's useful when fighting killer robots.

I'm going to keep monitoring the machines to see what other supplies the machines drop. Restock everything then get your tail back to base. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I made it through Östervik alone when the maszyna dropped out of the sky and opened fire on all of us.

Consider me your big brother; it's my job to watch after you. Not the other way around.

Your friend,

-3552.1, 2431.0
"Engineer" mode
December 19, 1989

Dear Basse (if you're reading this)

If you found this note, please make sure the others know where I am. At this point I'm beginning to think I might not be home for a while. I started following one of the big four-legged maszyna because it looks like they're gathering supplies for another invasion. Also every so often I can steal something good off them.

That's when I found these strange power lines. Dozens of them, all leading south. They look so much like ours that I almost didn't notice them. But when I realized the machines were building them, I immediately went into "engineer" mode and started trying to puzzle them out.
-2789.9, 2425.1
Four Walls and a Roof
Dear Basse,

I don't really think you're reading this. In fact, I hope you're not, becaue we're deep in enemy territory. (We're always in enemy territory, but you know what I mean.)

At this point, I think I'm just starting the notes like this out of habit. I've always been accused of being too polite for my own good. Calle says he likes it, at least. Marta always liked it too, said I was a good influence on her son. When all else fails, good manners can still remind us of what civilization ought to be. Or something. I was just raised right, I think.

The maszyny are building forts. They look almost like those rushed camps the Swedish army were erecting every other day, when the invasion first started. Maybe Freddie is right, and the Russians are coming to wipe us out for good. I know Uncle Calle thinks it's aliens, or our own government. When he gets REALLY into it, he insists it's "aliens created by our government." Good old Uncle Calle.

After seeing the kind of destruction the machines can wreck, I'm not sure what to believe anymore...

One thing I know for sure, the machines are our enemies. But why would machines need four walls and a roof? Hmm? They don't! So there must be something inside they are protecting. What could it be? Russian soldiers? A new weapon? Whatever it is, they're using human tactics to try and keep us out.

Maybe we have them scared?

Your friend, Janek
-2938.8, 2917.4
Useful Information
December 23, 1989

Dear Basse,

While out stalking the machines to gather more information, I discovered some horrible furnace they built, larger than the Devil and twice as ugly.

The machines often go and offer it sticks, trees. Fuel. That kind of thing. Puts a wrench in my old notes, though. I thought the machines were solar-powered, or perhaps even wind-powered. I know that sounds like something out of sci-fi, but... well... look at us. I'll have to go revise my old notes... gotta go back to the drawing board.

So... the machines use wood, or maybe coal, to power the generator... that means maybe they aren't that much more advanced than us. That's good news, I think.

Then they use the generator to power their other structures. And also to power... themselves? Do I have this right? Ahhh, I still don't know exactly how they work! If only I could get my hands on one intact and take it apart! A more clever man would have found a solution by now, I bet.

Still, this is all useful information I have. I'll do my best to get this intel to the others. Perhaps from there we can form a plan. Calle is crazy, but crazy like a fox. Maybe he'll know what to do.

Better to know than not know; better to be prepared than be caught off guard again.

Your Friend, Janek.
-3526.7, 3281.7
Smoke on the Horizon ??? -3069.9, 4078.4
Hunting Mammoths ??? -3675.5, 3883.2
Demolition ??? -4568, 3679
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