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The One First things first, promise me you won't tell ANYONE about what I write in this letter.

Promise me Anders!

...I'm trusting that you've sworn to the mountains that you won't tell anyone. Now you may continue to read this letter.

I think there is something happening between Angelica and I. She joins me for fika every day, and lately we've found ourselves out to dinner after late nights in the office.

I don't know what to do. You know I don't have the experience you do with romantic partners. I really need your advice, I don't want to mess this up.I think she may be the one.

...Please don't tell anyone. And you better not laugh at me! You're like my brother, I'm trusting you to help me out here!

Let me know next time you're on the mainland, I'll treat you to a few drinks!



-1781, 1007
Another Castle Elsa,

I never thought I'd be writing with actual paper ever again. We as a society should have moved past the need for the analog by now, or I guess I thought we had. It's all gone sideways now, and I miss my floppies.

I've been keeping a log of the various places I wind up in while searching for any other survivors. It's not fun on my own out here against those...they look like something out of a game we could play, but worse.

You can stop with the whole 'in another castle' act any day. It would be nice to see you again.

God, am I starting to sound like Svante, writing to myself like this?

Whetever, it's keeping me sane, and we both know how impressive my brain can be. Can't let it go to waste.

I'll keep searching. For anyone, for everyone.

For you.


-1818, 1565.4
My Person Sally,

You get too embarrassed when I try to tell you, so i have no option but to put it in writing:

You are my person. I am yours forever and ever and ever and ever. And ever.


-1290.7, 1594.7
All I Can Think About Jakob! I dream of our time together during my spring break every night. My parents keep asking why I'm saving all of my allowance instead of spending it on nights out with my friends or other college luxuries. The truth is, all I can think about is returning to Sweden to be with you. Please tell me you still feel the same, that you haven't met someone else.

Maybe you could come visit America as well?It would definitely get my parents off my case, to see you're a real person and not some con artist.

Please reply when you can, I'll be waiting.

Hej då! (Did I spell it right? I'm trying but there aren't many resources for learning Swedish here...)



-519.5, 1609
Waiting I told you the postman would figure it out eventually, Bo. Hopefully all of the other letters reach you too.

Or maybe it's okay if they don't.

When will you come visit again? Train tickets are only getting more expensive, but I miss you.

Waiting for your reply, as always.


8.7, 1308.4
Lov Lov,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write you back.

How have you been?

Is the job in Malmö treating you well?

I miss you too.


-476.6, 1274.1
My Warmth Meu coraçao,

It's finally happening. I've finished the final payments on my flight tickets. My friends here in São Paulo don't understand why I would choose to freeze during winter when I could stay in the warmth here. What they don't realize is that you are my warmth.

Well, that, and I love the snow.

Please buy extra kanelbulle for my visit. I'll bring coffee--the GOOD coffee from Brazil.



-856.5, 1236.6
Morning Walks Patrik,

Stella and I miss you. our morning walks aren't the same with you gone. I know the business trip is only for the year, and the reasoning for keeping us home in Sweden made sense. It doesn't change how my heart feels. Stella asks where you are and when you're coming home every night.

I was thinking of planning a party for your return! Would that be okay, or would you be too bashful? Let me know, I can see if the nice restaurant in the center of Stockholm could reserve us a table. My mom could even come watch Stella for us that night, if we wanted to get a hotel...?

Come home soon, sweetheart.



689.9, 1247.8
No Little Games

Hallo Yvi, Well, it's 2:30 am, I still can't sleep. I don't really want to either, but tomorrow will be a very busy, stressful day...

I just felt like writing to you before going to bed. Hopefully, we'll have our 3rd date before you get to read this, but anyway I just thought it would put a smile on your face.

I really had a lovely evening with you today. It had been a while, and it felt really good.

I'm so very sorry that our first kiss ended up taking place on a romantic pier at Strandvägen on a foggy night with all the Christmas decorations in the background. I'll see to it that the next kiss takes place at the Skärgård newsstand, surrounded by angry businessmen and shady drunks.

Thanks for your kind words tonight. It's so easy to just chat with you about anything, it feels uncomplicated and authentic. No little games, nothing to show, as it can sometimes be on dates. But still, I wasn't completely sure that you felt the same. I can now tell you that my heart was pounding like crazy at the pier earlier! You're just a great person, I love the way you think and the way you say it. This is all really promising, I can't wait to see where it will take us. Danke!

Have a lovely day, and don't fall asleep into your dish at your Christmas company party.

Je t'embrasse,

Ton petit zombie

PS: Oh, would you fancy going to karaoke someday? I was planning to arrange a karaoke night with my friends by the end of the year. You said that you love singing - I can guarantee you'll have a good time.
-1017.7, 1912.6
Crayfish Lotta,

I borrowed my granddad's crayfish traps. We should put the cages out as soon as it starts getting dark. Then we need to pick them up at first light. Do you have a sleeping bag? We can have a sleepover. Bring a towel and we can use the sauna and go skinnydipping.


64.4, 1972.0
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