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Name Location
Tank (Reaper) -598.3, -287.2

Tank (Reaper)

According to the digital blueprint, this iteration of the Stridsmaskin 90 seemed to have been completed by FNIX itself; it is likely shortly before the Cataclysm happened, FNIX took over and started overhauling an unfinished top secret prototype project taking place in the secret FOA 2 facility near Norrmyra base. FOA 2 had come up with the code name for that prototype of a beefed-up tank: "Liemannen" (Swedish for "the Grim Reaper"). It is unconfirmed that the NBC-type weapons were added as part of FNIX's overhaul, as they are similar to the Apocalypse Class machines.

It uses radiological, biological, and chemical weapons just like the Apocalypse class machines utilize but also comes equipped with special shield emitters that negate all form of damage while active and also utilizes a very powerful, custom crafted thermobaric weapon when posed with a major threat.

The blueprint also indicates that the shield emitters require a lot of energy to use and cannot be maintained while the machine is routing power to its offensive capabilities.

Loadout: "Cataclysm"

"Stinger/FNIX" Tick deployment

Shockwave stomp

Biochemical gas

Radiated missiles

Incendiary machine gun

Anti-weapons shield

Thermobaric explosion