• Zilla4959

    one of my friends knows theres a way to use mouse and keyboard but he dont remember how he did it and i tryed everything that i could think of but nothing worked someone pls help me figure out pls

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  • Lion say rawwrr

    i play on xbox and new march update just went live. im still learning the new inventory system but i accidently took off my sjoqvist semi-auto shotgun off my equipped weapon slot. no biggie. i went to equip it again and it says that its equipped but i am only holding 1 primary weapon and my sidearm. I can equip my hp5 and it shows up no problem. but i want to use my shotgun and another weapon. is it a glitch with the new update? thats my guess. but wtf, help plz

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  • Nor.coltrin

    Need a fix

    April 18, 2019 by Nor.coltrin

    When I got on it was crazy, I'm hoping that they will fix it but the glitch is every time I put something in my Hotbar it disappears and I lose it for good I'm hoping they fix it. 

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  • Queerthulhu

    This is me...

    April 17, 2019 by Queerthulhu
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  • Queerthulhu

    Hi Y'all,

    What type of information are people interested in seeing on the wiki?

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  • CryticalAcee

    Hello everyone,

    I have come to this forum to check to see how up to date the information is, I have come to find that it hasn't been edited in a while and is also out of date. I have a lot of information which I will be adding and fixing on the Wiki and if the admins are no longer active, I am quite interested in adopting this wiki to help breathe new life and keep the information up to date on this wiki.

    Best regards,


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