Bikes (Cykel) in Generation Zero are a new addition added in the June Update.

Bikes can be spawned at Crafting Stations found at various safehouses to create 3 different bike variants, the Cykel - Sky Blue that you start with, as well as a Ruby Red and Green.

When using a bike, you cannot shoot and you will be slowed down when riding along rough terrain and not on the road.

Cykel - Sky Blue

This bike is automatically given to the player at the start of the game. It is a bike with blue paint on it’s frame.

Cykel - Emerald Green

This bike has a chance to spawn as loot from Harvesters (FNIX). it is a bike with with green Paint on it’s frame

Cykel - Ruby Red

This bike has a low chance of spawning as a loot drop from Tanks (FNIX). it is a bike with red paint on it’s frame.

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