Bikes (Cykel) in Generation Zero are a new addition added in the June Update.

Bikes can be spawned at Crafting Stations found at various safehouses to create 3 different bike variants, the Cykel - Sky Blue that you start with, as well as a Ruby Red and Green.

When using a bike, you cannot shoot and you will be slowed down when riding along rough terrain and not on the road.

Similarly to locations, the Bike can be tracked (marked as such) on the map, thus making it easier for players to orientate back for the place where the bike is.

Cykel - Sky Blue

This bike is automatically given to the player at the start of the game. It is a bike with blue paint on it’s frame.

Cykel - Emerald Green

This bike has a chance to spawn as loot from Harvesters (FNIX). it is a bike with with green Paint on it’s frame

Cykel - Ruby Red

This bike has a low chance of spawning as a loot drop from Tanks (FNIX). it is a bike with red paint on it’s frame.

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