Generation Zero features many different ammo types (13 main groups in total), each type is made for different weapons. There are different tiers of ammo, and the higher tiers are more rare to find in your world. This guide will explain the differences between the ammo types, as well as highlight some locations that best suit grinding specific ammo types.

Whit DLC you can craft most of the ammo types, included special ammo given as reward of base defence see this link: Crafting/Schematics

Note: When this guide mentions specific enemies to watch out for to obtain ammo, both Harvesters and Tanks are left out since both of these enemies drop all ammo types in large quantities, making good targets when hunting for more ammo.

.32 ACP (Pistol)

.32 ACP Hollow-Point Ammo.jpg

Being the lowest tier of ammo, it can be found anywhere in the early game, and is used by the Möller PP. .32 features Hollow Point (HP) as it's weaker variant, and Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) as it's stronger variant. It can be found most commonly on any Prototype-class Runner enemies.


  • Very common
  • You start with the Möller pistol so you can always use it


  • Hollow Point has no penetration power
  • Very little damage
  • Gets outclassed very quickly

.44 Magnum (Revolver)

.44 Hollow-Point Ammo.jpg

A rare, high tier ammo which can only be found in the northern areas. It is used by the .44 Magnus revolver with a high damage potential, but very clunky because of its weight and ammo rarity. It also uses HP and FMJ as its types, with .44 FMJ being one of the most rare ammo types in the entire game. It can be found in the military bases up north, but can also be looted off FNIX Hunters.


  • Highest damage per shot of any pistol ammo type


  • Rare ammo

9mm (Pistol)

9mm FMJ Ammo (Handgun).jpg

The Klaucke 17 and the N9- DLC both use the 9mm (pistol) ammo. Not to be confused with the 9mm (SMG), since the 2 ammo types are not compatible. It features the aforementioned FMJ ammo type, but as the weaker variant instead of the strong variant as it was with the .32 ACP and .44 ammo. The strong ammo type of 9mm is armour Piercing (AP). It can be most commonly found in the harbour west of the first command bunker, where it can be looted off the dead soldiers, which respawn their loot rapidly. Otherwise, it is a common Military-class Runner drop.


  • Common ammo type for half way through the game
  • A Klaucke can be found in the first location you visit, meaning you can use this ammo immediately
  • Can easily be farmed


  • Is rare during very early or late parts of the game
  • Ammo is quickly consumed due to the rate of fire of the Klaucke and the N9

9mm (SMG)

9mm FMJ Ammo (SMG).jpg

Probably the most common ammo type for primary weapons, it is used by the Kpist and HP5 SMGs. Both are short range, high rate of fire weapons, meaning that ammo is consumed quickly. You have the FMJ and AP ammo types, and just like any other weapon with these types, the AP is stronger than the FMJ, but also more rare. Just like the 9mm pistol, it can be easily looted in the harbour. It often is dropped by Military-class Runners as well.


  • Very common
  • Usable even during endgame
  • Easily farmable


  • Ammo is consumed quickly
  • Little damage compared to other primary ammo types

5.56mm (Assault Rifle)

5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Ammo.jpg

5.56 is the high-tier assault rifle FMJ/AP ammo type, used by the Automatgevär 5, the Kvm 89 Squad Automatic Weapon and the N16- DLC. 5.56mm is only obtainable further up north, or from FNIX-class and Apocalypse-class Hunters and Apocalypse-class Runners.


  • The damage potential depends on the weapon used, most of them are fast rate of fire, and whit less recoil, their best use is to do very fast spray damage to a specific part of the machines as components
  • can craft 125 bullets of 5.56mm, 50 more bullets than 7.62mm


  • Low damage as single shot
  • Ammo is used pretty fast
  • Rare to find in large quantities

7.62mm (Assault Rifle)

7.62 Full Metal Jacket Ammo.jpg

7.62 is an assault rifle FMJ/AP ammo type, used by the Automatgevär 4, AI-76, Kvm 59 Machine Gun and the N60 Machine Gun- DLC. The 7.62mm can be found more frequently than 5.56; on FNIX-class Hunters and within the world itself.


  • Common ammo type
  • Easy to find in large quantities
  • The Automatgevär 4 can be found pretty early on in the game


  • Ammo is used very fast
  • only can craft 75 bullets of 7.62mm

9x39mm FMJ/AP (Assault Rifle)

9x39 FMJ ammo.jpg

The 9x39mm rounds are the default ammo used by the AT-WAD assault rifle- DLC. While the weapon is a integrally suppressed sub machine gun, it is most often referred to as a assault rifle, hence the name in-game. This ammo type is easy to find on higher tier machines like FNIX Hunters and Tanks.


  • Weights almost nothing in player inventory
  • AP rounds are good against most machines
  • Rounds are plentiful


  • Low damage output

.243 (Hunting Rifle)

.243 Soft-Point Ammo.jpg

.243 is the ammo type used by the Meusser Hunting Rifle (HR). It features Soft Point (SP) and FMJ as it's ammo types. Both SP and FMJ can deal high amounts of damage against Runners if hit in the fuel tank on their back, making it a good weapon/ammo choice to pick off Runners. The Meusser can be easily obtained early on, so you can always find a use for this ammo. That said, this ammo type, just like all other rifle ammo types, drops in smaller quantities than automatic weapon ammo types.


  • High damage, especially during early stages of the game
  • Easily obtainable weapon to use the ammo
  • Ammo lasts very long


  • Little use for the ammo outside of hunting Runners
  • Gets outclassed very quickly by .270 or .50 BMG

.270 Winchester (Hunting Rifle)

.270 Soft-Point Ammo.jpg

.270 SP/FMJ is the mid-tier sniper rifle ammo, used by the Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle (AS). The AS can one shot even FNIX-class Runners in their fuel tank when a 5 star variant is used, meaning that this ammo type always remains relevant even during end-game. That said, it does have the same drawbacks as 5.56mm ammo in that it drops in smaller quantities as .243, and can only be obtained further up north.


  • Very strong ammo type
  • Can one shot most Runners small fuel tank even when a low quality rifle is used
  • Rips off armour plates efficiently
  • Ammo lasts very long


  • Obtained only during mid-late game

.50 BMG FMJ/AP (Anti-Tank Rifle)

.50 BMG Armour-Piercing Ammo.jpg

.50 FMJ/AP, also known as "Fifty-cal" ammo, is used by the Anti-Tank rifle, the "Pansarvärnsgevär"(Pvg 90). The Pvg 90 is a semi-automatic sniper/anti-material rifle, which can dish out a lot of damage from afar. That said, it does come with some serious drawbacks: It is one of the rarest ammo types, generally when you find it you only find a couple of bullets at a time. Furthermore, the high rate of fire, combined with the rarity of the ammo means it is exhausted quickly. Only certain Military-class Hunters drop this ammo type, the ones with the shoulder-mounted sniper rifle.


  • High power
  • Rips through armour even better than the .270
  • Good range


  • Very rare ammo
  • The weapon that uses this ammo is only obtainable later in the game
  • Ammo is consumed very fast

12 Gauge (Shotgun)

12ga Buckshot Ammo.jpg

12 Gauge is the only shotgun ammo type in the game, used by both the Pump-Action and the Sjöqvist Semi-Auto shotguns. For who are unfamiliar with shotguns, these weapons shoot multiple projectiles in a single shot, relying on the multi-shot nature to hit their target, instead of accuracy. It has 3 ammo variants: Birdshot, Buckshot and Slugs. Bird(shot) has low accuracy, low damage per pellet, but a lot of pellets per shot. It is regarded as the weakest ammo type of the three. While it does rip off armour reasonably well, it's damage falloff is very steep, meaning you have to be very close to your enemy to deal damage. Can be useful to intercept Ticks and fast Runners. Buck(shot) has less pellets, but much better accuracy and damage per pellet. It is arguably the best shotgun ammo type, capable of dealing with any kind of enemy. Slugs converts the shotgun into more of a sniper, and is best used combined with a silenced, scoped pump-action shotgun. It has excellent accuracy, but only shoots out one, large slug. Has good armour penetration. Slugs are much less common than the other types.


  • Bird/buck is very common
  • A pump action can be obtained very early on in the game


  • Slug shots are quite rare
  • Very little damage when further away from your target
  • Semi-auto can consume ammo quickly

HEDP/HCDP/EMP/Smoke (Recoilless Rifle)

High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Round.jpg

High-Explosive Dual-Purpose (HEDP) is the default ammo used by the Granatgevär m/49. While the weapon is actually a recoilless rifle, it is always referred to as a rocket launcher, which also lead to the community naming this ammo type "Rockets". "EMP Rockets" are the EMP ammo type, which is able to shut down enemy mechs for short periods of time, which is useful for co-op. Smoke rounds are used for close combat tactics or scape, however if the enemy got OPVM (Object Penetrating Vision Modulator) or IRVP (Infra Red Vision Proccessor) the smoke screen dont work, use smoke only vs big targets as Tanks and Harvesters if you destroy their optics first before use smoke and get close for set mines or fuel tanks under them. Both HEDP and EMP are explosive ammo types, meaning they have a blast radius which adds to their already very high damage/stun potential. Sadly, these ammo types are very rare with only certain Military-class and FNIX-class Hunters dropping it.

Highly Corrosive Dual-Purpose Round

Smoke Round

High Corrosive Dual-Purpose Round (HCDP Round). They are only acquired as a reward for the mission "defense of the base" from Resistance Base home. The description of the ammunition says:


  • HEDP can destroy groups of Runners with a single hit if they are packed close enough together
  • HEDP can destroy Hunters (prototype) in only two hits.
  • HEDP is your best bet when taking down Tanks
  • HCDP are best vs armor and prevent damage components, use them vs tanks or harvesters
  • EMP can stun tanks long enough for you to run up to them and place mines, and then running away (EMP-Mine Technique)
  • Smoke rounds are like Smoke granade


  • Ammo is consumed quickly
  • Relatively rare ammo (only if you are able to craft them)

RLG-7V HE Round (Recoilless Rifle)

RLG high explosive ammo.jpg

The RLG-7V HE rounds are the default ammo used by the RLG-7 Rocket LauncherDLC. This is one of the more powerful ammunitions in the game, but is hard to come by. This ammo type is extremely rare to find, even on higher tier machines like FNIX Hunters and Tanks.


  • High damage vs large group of armor plates
  • High velocity
  • Great splash damage


  • Extremely rare ammo
  • Ammo is consumed quickly
  • Bad damage vs small components
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